Requiem for a Goose

If you live in Columbus, Ohio, you’re inevitably going to experience at least two Ohio-specific peculiarites in your workplace: coworkers who find it acceptable to come to work in an OSU jersey, and a dead Canada Goose in the parking lot, at least once every few years. While the former is annoying, the latter is a bit sad, though often looked at as karma by those who blame the geese for rendering their parking lot un-walkable.

This year, the dead Canada Goose wasn’t lying in the parking lot; it didn’t meet its end at the hands of a driver too busy talking on their phone to notice the gaggle of geese adventuring out in front of their Honda Civic. This one didn’t die violently; it passed away quietly, and was preserved by the very bitter cold that took its life.

I don’t know for sure how the goose became frozen in the lake behind our work building, but when I saw it, there was something dignified about it. It was beautiful in a way that a dead goose on work property usually isn’t. The February air suspended the creature in the moment when life left its body; capturing it, like a photograph.

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