Transparent Milk

This past week, an exposé of a local dairy farm uncovered some unsavory behavior – abuse of dairy cows at the hands of its employees. The video was unsettling and made me think hard again about what foods we eat and how important it is to buy from reputable sources, not only for health reasons, but (as this incident illustrates) ethical reasons as well.

So it was a nice surprise to discover that another local dairy, the well-respected (and delicious, I might add) Snowville Creamery had their first open house. Snowville is a local dairy which produces small quantities of high-quality, non-homogenized milk. The dairy is about two hours from our house, but well worth the drive. The staff was very friendly and candid as they explained their operations from the milking parlor to the lab to the area where milk is packaged into cartons for shipping. During the tour, they explained Snowville was capable of producing higher quantities, but to maintain quality control, they chose not to. If you’ve ever tasted Snowville, you understand why.

In today’s climate of factory farms and corporate agriculture, it was refreshing to see pastured cows and an open and transparent milking operation in a small, locally-operated dairy farm. It’s like where you always imagine milk comes from—but in this case, it actually does.

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