Yellow Springs: Fair Food and Faeries

Yesterday, after an early afternoon acupuncture appointment, we decided to take a spontaneous trip to Yellow Springs. Located about an hour from Columbus, it was the perfect distance for an afternoon road trip. I have wanted to visit Yellow Springs for some time now, though just never got around to it and yesterday was as good as any.

As we pulled into town, we discovered that it was, coincidentally, the day of their Street Fair. One of my guilty pleasures is fair food (especially the deep-fried variety), so it was a nice surprise and we were hungry—it was a win-win situation. We strolled past the food vendors several times so I could make that all-important decision: if this was my one unhealthy meal of the day/week/month, I wanted to make it count.

As we walked up and down through the rows of vendors, the odd thing I noticed was the heavy representation of Cajun food, especially for a street fair in the middle of Ohio. I think I contemplated this just a little more than it deserved, which ultimately threw off my decision-making process. I passed up the crab cakes, passed by the much-loved corn dogs, didn’t order the large piece of chicken-fried steak sitting between two buns that were much too small to contain it. I settled on an Italian sausage sandwich, which wasn’t bad, but definitely did not satiate my desire for something greasy and deep-fried.

After the sausage had a chance to settle, we hopped back in the car and headed over to Glen Helen to hike down to the springs and hopefully see some faeries (the flying type). The recent rains, however, prevented us from going too far back in the Glen. Lots of mud, the high humidity and heat, coupled with being laden down by Italian sausage, cut our quest short.  We did manage a decent hike before the mud forced us to turn around. The Glen was beautiful and I’m looking forward to our next trip to Yellow Springs and hopefully some faeries.

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