The Pitfalls of Pride (in the Taco Truck World)

Taqueria Davanne meets my four qualifications to become a favorite lunch spot: it’s close, quick, cheap, and delicious. The only downside is you have to actually park and get out of the car; though with my recent abstinence from fast food as well as trying to embrace a healthy lifestyle, getting out of the car and slowing down to eat lunch is a good thing.

Today I tried the cecina taco. While previous visits had afforded me the opportunity to try all their other tacos, I had purposefully held off on the cecina for the sole reason of not knowing how to pronounce the name and being too afraid (or lazy) to ask. Yesterday, I learned from a coworker that the correct pronunciation is se-see-na. So today I confidently placed my order and am now regretting not ordering it sooner. It was wonderful—tender, juicy, spicy, delicious. And I could have been enjoying this spicy little treasure all along if I had only asked…


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