Eating Local in Columbus: Kitchen Little

If I try to envision the quintessential Ohio dish, my mind immediately turns to comfort food. The kind of food that takes hours over low heat to reach perfection—flavors blending, deepening in complexity and meat so tender it melts in your mouth. The kind of food that welcomes you in from the cold, its aromas so powerful they warm your very being to the core. While the reality is that Ohio has so much more to offer than meat and potatoes (including an ever-growing immigrant-inspired cuisine), comfort food still holds a special place in our collective consciousness. And in Columbus, there’s no better place to warm your soul than at Kitchen Little in the North Market.

Kitchen Little serves up comfort food made from the finest chicken, bison, goose, and duck that Central Ohio has to offer. Focusing on fresh, local ingredients, Kitchen Little has a rotating menu that’s reflective of what foods are available at any given season. Featuring delectable dishes like cassoulet (smoked turkey, wild boar, duck, homemade chicken sausage, and white beans in a house-roasted duck stock—Rick Bayless was so impressed with their cassoulet on a recent visit to Columbus, that he felt it Tweet-worthy) and their now-famous chicken and waffles (a breaded chicken cutlet atop a Taste of Belgium waffle, sprinkled with hot sauce and topped with Ohio maple syrup), Kitchen Little also serves up roast chicken, wings, bison chili, and an expanding line of Latin-inspired dishes such as their Cuban breakfast and their Fiesta Friday line-up which, most recently featured bison barbacoa street tacos. Oh, and did I mention they have duck-fat fries and some of the most delicious mac and cheese I’ve ever eaten?

This is comfort food taken to the next level. It’s not your normal green beans, collard greens, or mashed potatoes; try any of these and you’ll immediately taste the difference. Kitchen Little’s food is the result of using quality, local ingredients; having a solid foundation in food knowledge, preparation, and technique; and possessing a keen passion for food. This is food made by people who love food.

Kitchen Little is owned and operated by North Market Poultry and Game owners Jerry and Annemarie. While Annemarie turns out the Fiesta Friday fare and Saturday brunch specials, Jerry is responsible for the soups and stews, including their savory cassoulet. Dan Bandman splits his time between cooking and prep in the kitchen (think roasted and BBQ chicken, chicken cutlets, wings, and scalloped potatoes—made with local Snowville milk—to name only a few), and working the counter, ensuring everything runs smoothly and that a quality product is released to the public. New-comer Kaela has helped the team organize the front end of the business and you can see her smiling face behind the front counter. And Kitchen Little couldn’t operate without the prep, cleaning, and behind-the-scenes help from Adam, Justin, Jack, Chantal, Ken, and Keir.

Kaela, Annemarie, and Dan

Kitchen Little can be found on Facebook as well as on Twitter.

2 responses to “Eating Local in Columbus: Kitchen Little

  1. How lucky are we in Columbus to have Kitchen Little and the entire North Market. You simply can't go wrong with any dish that Kitchen Little turns out.In fact, unless they're closed or on vacation, I rarely get food from any other North Market vendor.Now, if I could just get the kids to choose something other than pizza.


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