Luck Bros Coffee House

I’m not one of those people who need a cup of coffee to function in the morning—I won’t bite your head off if you approach me prior to my caffeine fix (though I might out of general misanthropy). In fact, I don’t drink coffee on a daily basis. Coffee is something I treat myself to every now and then; I use it as an excuse to slow down a little, take pause, and enjoy the moment. So when I do buy a cup, I want good coffee; I think the adage “life is too short to drink cheap wine,” applies to coffee as well. Luck Bros Coffee House in Grandview is where I choose to get my coffee.

Luck Bros

Andy Luck and crew take pride in their brew: the ingredients and process are just as important as the final product. From beans that are hand-selected from roasters across the country and ground in-house, a precision filtering and brewing set-up, and their use of Snowville milk in their latte and cappuccino, Luck Bros won’t pour you a cup of coffee; they’ll craft it. Their menu doesn’t contain a turgid litany of contrived coffee terms and their baristas are actually friendly and helpful (yes, there have been a few coffee establishments in town that have earned my ire on this point).


I was first introduced to Luck Bros a couple of years ago by Kat Marie Moya, who was holding tattoo consultations out of Luck Bros. I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere. While you will see the occasional laptop or small group of people holding a business meeting off to the side, Luck Bros is quiet enough to enjoy your coffee with a friend and hold a pleasant conversation. Looking at it from the outside, the coffee shop looks deceptively small; though once inside, you’ll find it to be quite spacious.

And let’s not forget the Breakfast Bake—I would be remiss in my write-up if I failed to mention this wonderful brick of breakfast casserole. Comprised of eggs, cheese, hash browns, and smoked kielbasa, the breakfast bake is a filling, wonderful companion to any cup of Luck Bros brew.

Breakfast Bake

5 responses to “Luck Bros Coffee House

      • Wash your mouth out!!! Sigh…a flat white is a double shot, short, silky, way-less-milk-y coffee with minimal foam. If its made properly, that is. Lattes have more milk, more foam and are bigger. Watering (or milking, I suppose) down the coffee is somewhat sacrilegious to us, haha.


      • You’re forgiven as we freely admit we are total coffee snobs! We are fussy wherever we go, finding it hard to meet our standards outside of NZ. Hong Kong has a surprisingly amazing level which has been exciting!!! Pop through for a coffee sometime 🙂


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