Taste of Edinburgh 2011

While riding on the subway in Glasgow, an ad for the Taste of Edinburgh happened to catch my eye. Too bad we wouldn’t be in Edinburgh for a few more days, I thought. Then I saw the event dates: it started the Friday we’d be in Edinburgh! Upon our return to our hotel, I immediately purchased tickets.


And they were well worth the modest price; the weather was beautiful (from what we understand, days without rain in Scotland are a blessing) and the food was amazing.

deep fried haggis

Haggis fried in garam masala batter; Kama Sutra


Mackerel over ratatouille with basil pesto; Two Fat Ladies at The Buttery

pork cheek

(my favorite of the evening) Asian glazed pork cheek with sweet potato and bok choy; Tigerlily


Prosciutto on homemade bread with Italian soft cheese and arugula; Cucina at Missoni

blue cheese risotto bon bon

Lanarkshire blue cheese risotto bon bon with beetroot paint; Wedgewood the Restaurant

panna cotta

Honeycomb panna cotta with butterscotch; Plumed Horse

We washed down our meals with two local IPAs from Stewart Brewing and Brew Dog.

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